As a Federal/Postal government employee it is quite possible that you and many others, could have important questions regarding your federal benefits. A limited understanding of your pension, Survivors Annuity, FEGLI and its options, Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) could cost you thousands of dollars, especially during your retirement. Knowing your options and working with one of our licensed and trained representatives who understands federal/postal employee benefits how to secure your retirement funds against market risk, maximize and receive guaranteed income in retirement is more important than ever. We also offer you a complimentary “Summary of Benefits” report.

For FERS covered employees your employing agency makes an automatic contribution equal to 1 per cent of salary. Investments are matched dollar for dollar for the first 3 percent of pay invested per pay period, and then 50 cents on the dollar for the next 2 per cent of pay invested per pay period. Employees become vested in the automatic contributions and the earnings on them after 3 years of federal civilian service.

CSRS covered employees can also invest in the TSP but they receive no matching contributions. The annual dollar limit for contributions is $18,000.

TSP participants can make additional investments under certain conditions for each year in which they are 50 or older. The maximum amount is $6,000.

There is no charge or fee for the services we provide.

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